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QQ: 3033591343
Triethyl phosphate

Triethyl phosphate

Triethyl phosphate
Product name : Triethyl phosphate
Item : AT16391
Details :

Triethyl phosphate

Name Triethyl phosphate
Short name: TEP
Molecular formula: (C2H5O)3PO
Molecular weight 182.16
Constitutional formula:

Colorless liquida little stinkstable in usual tem peratureuneasy flammingDissolve in alcohol and ether,and in many kinds of or ganic solvent,also in waterbut dissole gradually by water as raise the tem peratureboiling point is 216℃。


Chemical reagentfor catalyst made by acetic oxidecellulose  acetate  ce-llulose  nitrate  solvent,synthetic resin plasticizer,organic insect stabilizer,ethylation agent,chemical synthetic intermediate lubricating ail additive.

Quality level:  
Index name Chemically pure Industrial grade Analytically pure
Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid  
Specific gravity20℃ l.068~1.072 1.068~1.072 1.068~1.072
Refractive Index nD20 1.4050~1.4070 1.4030~l.4060 1.4050~1.4070
Acid mgkOH/g≤ 0.5 0.5  
Moisture content%≤ 0.2   0.2
Content%≥     99.5
Package 200kg white Iron barrel,20kg gallon barrel


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